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What is C++ML ?

Have you yet become tired of hearings fellow developpers saying :

C++ is so lame && (confusing || difficult) ...

A fellow developper

Exactly ! If you ever tried to explain you latest top notch code. Say a P = NP solver. You might have wondered if there were any ways to narrow the big picture down to simple schematics.

A modeling language

UML, the Unified Modeling Language was designed to answer this need. And you most likely already heard of it.

If fits the basics, like classes, aggregation, inheritence and most of the object paradygms.
But when it comes to C++ specifics concepts. You need to figured out “_hacks_” that you’ll have to explain yourself.

C++ML extends UML with your favorites C++ concepts.

Let’s go !

Read the C++ML Documentation
Download the C++ML Editor

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